I’m a holistic lifestyle and branding consultant, author, speaker and lecturer.

Connecting in beauty is the common thread in my life. An insatiable interest in the dynamics of the human psyche and the influence of beauty and fashion led me to a broad spectrum of studies and activities from literature, psychology and fashion psychology to philosophy, pedagogy, matchmaking, interior design, yoga and fashion modeling.

The Satisfashion Model®, my unique holistic style approach, is based on a fusion of Eastern and Western psychological movements. Personality dynamics are translated into clothing and style characteristics to boost appearance and empower connection and fulfillment.

With my missionWearing Wellbeing, I inspire and empower individuals and companies who strive for a sustainable and strong personal balance, an inclusive corporate culture and a personalized branding.

wear the change you want to see in the world


Being a holistic lifestyle expert, founder, author, speaker, matchmaker of beauty and love, free spirit, devoted yogini and addicted runner fuels my life with bliss.

Born with an unsatiable interest in the dynamics of psychology and the meaning of fashion and style, I’ve always been researching the relationship between beauty and human connections.

The Satisfashion Model®, my unique holistic style approach based on a personality framework, is grounded in a fusion of Eastern philosophical movements incl. Taoism and Feng Shui and Western psychological approaches incl. Embodied Cognition and Personality Sciences.

I offer my extensive theoretical, aesthetic and social expertise to individuals and companies thriving for sustainable growth and innovative personality branding.

‘Wearing Wellbeing’ is the ultimate result and perfect match with my life mission: connecting human mindset and clothing DNA to reach optimal balance, expression and fulfillment.

wear the change
you want to see
in the world