What do clothes do to you?
What influence do they have on others?
Why do you wear what you wear? And why do you keep buying new stuff?
Can you break free from fashion trends and dress yourself happily and sustainably?

Satisfashion offers a liberating view on personal style and the tools for a positive impact of your clothes on yourself and your environment. The secret lies in your own personality : a unique source of beauty, connection and strenght.

Satisfashion dismantles the psychology of your outfit on your brain, your emotions and your behavior. It connects Western science and Eastern wisdom, guiding you step-by-step towards a timeless holistic style. Leave traditional style boxes behind and become aware of your inner style forces.

Put your senses, your brain and your closet into action. Feel and see what happens: your confidence, your look and your best self in a powerful balance.

you become what you wear